BDFC have teamed up with "Team Stuff"

Teamstuff's multi award-winning mobile app keeps your finger on the team pulse with awesome on-the-go features like: TeamStuffScreen1JPG


It's the pocket team assistant you'll always want around.

all features are 100% free!


And Yes we had legal advice surrounding the privacy policy of the app developers and your information will not be handed out to anyone. (one of the reasons we have gone with this app)

In 2016 we will be setting this up across the entire club as a more effective way to communicate and interact with our teams. We will be running an introduction evening on using this app before the season starts, showing its benefits.

For Managers and Coaches the app is an invaluable tool to keep your team organised. You will be able to enter away game results and the club competition manager can pick up the scores. Not to mention roster on people for various duties like who is bringing the oranges


the links for the phone apps are below for IOS App Store and Android Google Play


for more information


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